Terra Lab


Laboratory Information Management System TerraLab – for laboratory and business

Nowadays it is hard to imagine the modern laboratory practice without a laboratory information system. But what sort of system is best? What processes must the system automate? What problems must it solve? For a laboratory the processes connected with sample registration, labeling, logistics and connection with analyzers, reducing the influence of human factor on diagnostics, as well as organization and control of laboratory work are the most important. But we should not forget about such important things for business as marketing, company image, personnel control, inventory accounting and financial analytics.

Having analyzed the needs of clinical and diagnostic laboratories along with the latest trends in market development, we have created the laboratory information management system TerraLab that allows automating the laboratory work at all production stages, being at the same time a fully-fledged system for management and marketing.

LIMS TerraLab for laboratory:

  • patients and biological materials registration with automatic sample labelling at the collection place;
  • laboratory sample relabeling at the sorting stage during the formation of the secondary tubes with further distribution to the departments;
  • sorting and control of samples tested at other laboratories (outsourcing);
  • work distribution among the laboratory departments and laboratory assistants;
  • determining the estimated time of results and ensuring their timely completion;
  • complete integration with the laboratory analytical equipment;
  • optimization of manual methods;
  • automatic determination of normal range values for each sample indicator;
  • complete control of methods and processes (reprocesses);
  • automatic determination of estimate indicators;
  • tool for creating multiple result forms;
  • manual and automatic validation;
  • automatic delivery of the results to the patient, attending doctor and medical institution via email and laboratory website;
  • laboratory quality control according to five main methods;
  • system that allows setting and managing the quality values of pre-analytic stage;
  • manager of external/internal journals and printing forms.


LIMS TerraLab for business:

  • tool for diverse pricing strategies and creating various price lists;
  • complete marketing data on clients, referring doctors, companies;
  • cooperation with insurance companies;
  • control of mutual settlements with the contracting parties;
  • inventory accounting adapted to the needs of medical laboratories (with the automatic writing off of reagents, calibrators, minimum stock control, purchase planning)
  • calculation of the primary research cost;
  • accounting of cash and bank accounts along with grouping costs by items;
  • integration with the fiscal equipment;
  • workload distribution and personnel control;
  • personnel motivation scheme and its control, salary;
  • tool for implementing marketing and discount programs for the patients as well as special conditions of cooperation with the partners;
  • contacts with the contracting parties via text messages and emails;
  • laboratory information web portal;
  • full range of analytical reports;
  • separate data base;
  • and many others…


Technical advantages of TerraLab:

  • high usability and simple, intuitive control interface;
  • flexible navigation, allowing users to see only the tools necessary for work;
  • high level of system performance;
  • continuous work with the remote stations, using the data replication technology
  • convenient configuration manager of reporting and printing forms;
  • different formats of data export;
  • system can be adjusted to the specific requirements of every laboratory;
  • tool for integration with the other information systems and software products.

Laboratory Information Management System TerraLab includes the feature that allows building and supporting the laboratory processes according to the international management requirements for medical laboratories ISO 15189. Also the system complies with the international requirements of ISO 12119:2003.